Your Pre Bariatric Surgery Diet


Your Pre Bariatric Surgery Diet

It’s not uncommon to want to visit your favorite restaurants and to eat your favorite foods before surgery. It’s important however to practice your new healthy relationship with food by eating healthy portion sizes and foods.

Our surgeons require you to follow a modified diet for two weeks or more prior to surgery to prepare your system for the transition. Bariatric surgery requires you to make life changing adjustments to your diet before and after surgery. Adopting a healthy, low calorie diet plan prior to surgery is the first step in your journey to lasting weight loss, and one that prepares you for your new dietary restrictions post bariatric surgery.

The Purpose of a Pre Bariatric Surgery Diet

  • Reduce body fat around your stomach and liver, as well as shrink the liver itself. If the liver is too large bariatric surgery may have to be postponed or performed as an open procedure (instead of laparoscopically). Your stomach and liver are near each other and a large liver can interfere with surgery.
  • Improve surgical outcomes and recovery. By reducing fatty triglycerides from around the liver and spleen patients typically experience decreased complication rates.
  • Increase protein intake, which can help preserve and protect muscle tissue post-surgery.
  • Prepare you for your new post surgery diet (reduced calorie, high-protein, low-fat, low-carbohydrate).


Avoid overeating in the days and weeks leading up to your surgery date and start following a diet plan that is similar to what your post-surgery diet plan will be. You can still eat that special meal you’ve been craving but have a protein shake or another low calorie option for your other 2 meals that day.

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