At two years post op, I’m VERY happy with the results of my gastric sleeve surgery, and I have reached a point where it just feels like it is part of me. My sleeve no longer feels like an alien entity just like a stomach that hold a LOT less.

Consequently, I can pretty much eat like I have a normal stomach. For the most part, I try not to eat and drink at the same time, but I don’t really hold fast to the rule of waiting to eat AFTER drinking. I still wait to drink after eating.

I do have carbonated drinks, but that works for me. Some post ops experience pain and pressure with carbonated drinks, but that is not an issue for me.

I do not dump because of my food choices and I am able to eat sweets in moderation. I LOVE cake and I would not be a happy camper if I could never eat it. The difference is now my stomach is satisfied with a cupcake instead of a sheet cake.

Here is the truth though, sometimes a cupcake is just a cupcake and sometimes it is a slippery slope. Since my sleeve, it is easier for me to control my urges and I am aware of them when they happen. Today would not be a good day for me to have a cupcake. Tomorrow might be a different story.

I can also enjoy wine and other alcoholic drinks with no ill effects. It only takes one glass of wine now for me to feel it, though. For my spirit based drinks, I only use calorie free mixers.
I’ve reached my goal, so I’m at a point that I can incorporate these things into my lifestyle. If you’re not at goal, try your best to stick to protein based meals because it will help you reach your goal faster.

Thinking of getting sleeved… need advice!

by: Dixie

I have read through all your stories and I’m so grateful for the REAL stories. Everywhere I turn I only get the fluffy, everything is beautiful stories and I want to make sure I’m really aware and fully informed before embarking on this journey. I really need advice about the dos and don’ts before I start this journey. I will be spending a TON of money on this and I want to make sure that I am a success story.

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