Easy Low Carb Mozzarella Sticks

The Boy and I are back on the low carb thing.
Actually, we are always watching our carbs to an extent
We cut out the things that really aren’t important to us and don’t eat loads of sugar or bread everyday
We call it “Operation Don’t Get Diabetes”
And we save the things we really crave for our cheat days…which are on my weekends off twice a month.  That’s when we treat ourselves out to dinner or cook some of our favorite carby home recipes
It’s sort of nice to make it an event you look forward to instead of just shoving your face full of bad food everyday mindlessly.  If we really want it bad enough we wait for it.  And if we have forgotten about it by the time cheat day rolls around we must not have wanted it that bad and it would have been just an “impulse eat”
Know what I mean?
It really makes you think about how worth it it is
Recently though, our schedules at work have been nuts and we’ve been pretty stressed out so our eating habits have suffered quite a bit
We both are committed to dropping our extra lubs (pounds) before our one year wedding anniversary
I want to get back to wedding weight, not only just because I like the idea of being just as skinny one year later and I liked the way I looked,
But also because we are going back to Disneyland to celebrate and on vacation I fully intend on getting my FAT ON!
There is clam chowder, chimichungas, corn dogs, and Dole Whips, waiting for me in Anaheim
When I go on vacation I want to be care free.  I don’t care what I eat because this isn’t an everyday thing…..it’s vacation!  That’ the whole point
So I would much rather go on our trip and come back only having to shed 5lb as opposed to 10 or 15 because I porked it up before I ever even left
So needless to say we are cracking down!
The Boy was watching football all day and he got a hard core craving for mozzarella sticks.
It’s much better to find a substitute that you can make so he doesn’t go off the deep end and eat something else so I headed to the store to whip some up
Here’s all you need
Yes…..you use the green shaker parmesan.
I’m no snob =)
Cut your string cheese in half
And mix the parm with some garlic powder and italian seasoning
Whisk your eggs and then set up your breading station
Dip the cheese in egg and then roll in the cheese
I redipped them in the egg and rolled them again to get a good crust


Place them on a wax paper lined baking sheet


After I breaded them I rolled them in between my hands to really pack the crust and make sure they were evenly coated
The ones on the left are right after the are breaded and the ones on the right are after I rolled them
Place them in the freezer for about an hour
Trust me on this one!
It will make the crust adhere better and not come apart as you fry and will keep the cheese from melting too fast before the outside cooks
After they freeze fry them up in oil


And for the love of god make sure your oil is good and hot!!
I got impatient (like usual) and put the first few in way too soon
If it’s not hot enough they stick to the bottom and break open and create a big cheesy mess in your pan
Like this
As long as it’s hot you should golden….and your cheese sticks will be golden too!

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