Don’t Lose Weight – Here is the PROBLEM !


You are prepare so hard, yet you are not fulfilled by the outcomes, and in addition to you don’t  lose weight.

New studies show why hard preparing in the exercise center does not generally bring about weight reduction. The answer lies in the wrong nourishment that you devour after a workout or in the wrong gauge of blazed calories. One study have demonstrated that in spite of the expanded physical movement of the Americans, the weight plague is not diminished. A comparable circumstance is seen in Europe.

“The greatest oversight that individuals make after a workout is devouring their most loved sustenance or beverage . You may blazed 300 calories amid the preparation, yet in the event that you drink espresso with 350 calories, or biscuits with 500 calorie, you can without much of a stretch pulverize your workout “- says specialist Animugan Candy, weight reduction master.

Here is what is important on the off chance that you need to blaze the accompanying nourishment:

– Big Mac (560 calories) 50 minutes running

– Coke (140 calories) 12 minutes running

– Chocolate (510 calories) 45 minutes running

– Ice cream (201 calories) 18 minutes running

– Glass of white wine, 175 ml: 20 minutes vigorous exercise

So you ought to dependably discover the best approach to copy the sustenance that you devour , particularly the terrible one, since that is the main reason you don’t shed pounds If you need to get in shape, you need caloric deficiency: to expend less calories than the every day needs of the body. For instance, on the off chance that you have pizza for supper, you need to practice a hour in the exercise center to smolder the calories.

The issue of “refusal” of calories is investigated in the TV serials “Mystery Eaters”, which managed the investigation of dietary propensities among overweight individuals.

Most families were bewildered due to the expanded weight. In any case, point by point examination of dietary patterns has demonstrated that they don’t know about what number of calories contain certain nourishment, and the way that they don’t check the devoured sustenance while holding up.

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