Clinton blames minute-long coughing marathon on ‘allergic reaction to Trump’


Hillary Clinton blamed a minute-long coughing fit during a speech at a Labor Day event yesterday on an ‘allergic reaction’ to Donald Trump.

During a stump speech at a park in Cleveland, Ohio, and her first public address since Donald Trump’s visit to Mexico, Clinton struggled to describe how her Republican counterpart was ‘temperamentally unfit’ and ‘totally unqualified’ to be president.

The crowd and running mate Tim Kaine chanted Clinton’s name while she paused to drink some water and regain her composure. Clinton shrugged off her coughing fit as an ‘allergic reaction’ to Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton has a coughing fit

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks to supporters through a bullhorn during a campaign stop at the Canfield County Fair in Canfield, Ohio, U.S., September 5, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Segar TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY
Trump has said Clinton ‘does not look presidential’ (Picture: REUTERS)

‘He can’t even go to a foreign country without getting into a public feud with the president,’ she said.

Tim Kaine, who appeared alongside Vice President Joe Biden at an earlier event, criticised Donald Trump for saying that Clinton ‘does not look presidential, does she, fellas?’.

Speaking with reporters on her plane, Clinton said she ‘paid no attention’ to ‘conspiracy theories’ about her allegedly failing health.

‘There are so many of them I’ve lost track of them,’ she said.

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