Chronic Pain and an Active Lifestyle: Lessons in Recovery


If we want to better promote corporate wellness and if we want a workforce as productive as it is protective of its health, then we need to educate employers and employees alike about the best way to confront a problem affecting tens of millions of people and costing companies hundreds of millions of dollars. We need, in other words, to address the condition of chronic pain: A malady that is the result of muscle stiffness and inflammation, among other things, which can make it very difficult to sit, stand or move with the ease necessary to enjoy the quality of life these individuals deserve – and with the flexibility these men and women need to do their jobs.

Finding a noninvasive way to lessen this pain, one that does not require prescription drugs or surgery, is crucial to resolving this matter. It is essential to reviving the type of active lifestyle people want, the one that will keep them vibrant and healthy – in and outside their respective places of work.

With regard to that solution, technology offers promising results. Indeed, the rise of wearable technology like the Oska Pulse represent the union of convenience and wellness that will transform pain management for the better.

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