18 Tips to prepare for Gastric Sleeve surgery



For any scheduled and elective procedure is always advisable to know the aspects that you as a patient can or should take into consideration to make a positive contribution to the evolution of both, the intraoperative and postoperative process.

Here we provide you valuable advice which will help your experience with gastric sleeve surgery to be as smooth and positive as possible.

It is a lot of information but we think what is very convenient for you to take these tips as a good basis for your planning and to have a clearer idea of how to prepare for your gastric sleeve surgery.

1. Keep close contact with your bariatric surgeon

Keeping close contact either directly with your bariatric surgeon or at least with the patient coordinator is the basis of the success of your gastric sleeve surgery and is also the basis for all the following tips on this post.

If what you want is to achieve the best results during and after your surgery is very important that communication with the bariatric group you will choose to be as close as possible as there are many important aspects that must be considered as part of the preparation process for the operation.

This will prevent the presence of misunderstandings which may affect your progress during and after surgery. Our recommendation is that you follow to the letter every recommendation they give you.

Each bariatric group manages their patients very differently and would be impossible to rely on recommendations from friends who had the surgery themselves or from forums from gastric sleeve surgery patients where everyone exposes their personal experience. It is worth knowing what others are doing but it will always be more important to stick to the instructions of who will operate you.

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