10 Habits of Successful Bariatric Patients


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I’ve had the priveldge of working with weight-loss surgery patients for the past six years seven years (at the time of this post). During this time, I’ve learned what habits my most successful patients change in their life, and stick to long-term. I try not to “get on my soap box” too often when I’m counseling pre-op patients, but at the same time…I want them to succeed so I love sharing with them what habits they should focus on to get the most out of their surgery.


1. They make changes before they have surgery. 

Without a doubt my most successful patients DON’T put off their changes until surgery makes them change. They start the second they walk out the door of their first visit to clean out the house, quit the soda and sweet tea, and cook more at home instead of eating out. They know these things will be tough, so they jump on it right away. Learn more about an effective Pre-Surgery diet plan. 

2. They have a strong support system.

In all my visits I ask my patients “who is your biggest cheerleader going through this journey?” When they say “myself” I don’t disagree, but I strongly encourage them to think of who they could reach out to for cheerleading and accountability. We weren’t meant to do this alone. Whether it’s a friend, neighbor, family member or someone at support group I am a firm believe that having a great support system can make all the difference.  When your family is not on board, make sure you have someone outside of the family cheering you on.

3. They get to support groups.

Seriously. Not just because the doctor said “you have to go to at least one” but instead they make it a priority to take the time to get to a group. It’s like “church” for your “post-op soul” (just go with it). You walk away feeling refreshed, encouraged, motivated and (see above) like you aren’t doing this alone. If getting to an in person support group just isn’t feasible, consider finding a closed Facebook group by searching the month and year you had surgery on Facebook. These specific groups can be a better fit than the REALLY large groups. If not the same date, try the same area you’re in. Another great online resource for support – Obesity Help! 

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